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Born and raised in the South, Tara has been a voracious reader and writer since her first steps into the local library. Before long, she decided that other stories weren't enough, and started writing her own.

Flash forward to present: Tara graduated magna cum laude with an English degree and now writes adult fantasy and romance when she is not hard at work as a paralegal. She is also an Editorial Intern at Lake Country Press & Reviews, where she gets to combine her love for reading good books with her admittedly odd love of editing!

Tara enjoys spending time with her family, drinking excessive amounts of coffee, playing sports (Disc golf!), and baking.


“I can’t believe you were going to leave without saying hi to me,” he says, his long, tanned fingers pressing over his heart as if I’ve mortally wounded him. I avoid looking at that hand, as it stirs memories of those fingers trying to awkwardly cup my face. That leaves me with looking directly at him, and that is a sweet torture a thousand times worse. He’s grown into his features over the years, and damnit, did he grow good.

Excerpt from Out of Bounds

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